Anais Watterson is a 5 year old bunny one of the main charcters in the Cartoon Network television series, The Amazing World of Gumball. She insults Gumball Watterson's intelligence, but on the inside, she loves him (as well as Darwin). As shown in The Responsible, she cooks Gumball's and Darwin's food and helps them with their homework. Anais is intelligent despite her age, probably the reason she attends middle school with her brothers. Anais loves Daisy the Donkey, owning a plush toy of her, has gone to the amusement park Daisyland and eating the cereal Daisy Flakes, along with the rest of her family. Anais is the youngest child in the Watterson family, with her age being four. She resembles her father, Richard Watterson. She is very smart and also attends to school with her brothers Gumball and Darwin, which makes her a prodigy.


Anais is a pink rabbit. She wears an orange dress with a white collar and sleeve trimmings. She wears white socks. She looks similiar to her father, Richard.

Anais and Richard



Anais is an intelligant person, but still acts like normal kids do. She reads books, unlike most other characters, but also watches TV. She doesn't like being bossed around, as shown in The Responsible, and phases faster than her age, also showing signs of teenage rebellion in The Responsible, knowing what to do in certain situations. Anais obsesses over Daizy the Donkey, and is fiercly protective of her doll of her, as shown in The Quest. Despite their flaws, Anais still loves her family, as shown in The Painting. She is very selfish.


  • In The Third, Anais is seen laughing, but is barely heard. Some say that her dad laughs loud enough to block most other laughs. In The Painting and The End, she is clearly heard laughing.

Official BioEdit

Anais is the smartest character next to Bobert and The Eggheads, but no one will listen to her because she's only four years old.


It was announced that Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Animal Logic is planning a feature-length film based on the character, entitled Anais. No writer, director or release date has been confirmed as of yet.