Ocho the 8-bit spider.

Ocho is one of the many characters of The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a small eight-bit spider who remebles an alien from an Atari video game. He has his nice side and his bad side, but the show never tells which is which. He doesn't seem very friendly.


Ocho is an eight-bit spider, but only has six legs, probably because the graphics don't allow for much detail. Ocho walks in a side-ways fashion, like a Goomba from Mario. He also has the ability to spin a web, like real spiders, as shown on a Gumball poster.


Ocho has a pretty cold personality. He isn't seen talking as much as the other characters and has only had one speaking role in the series. He doesn't really have much of either a good side or a bad side.


  • Ocho's name is a gag, as ocho means eight in Spanish, and refers to him being of an eight-bit design.
  • Ocho also gets squashed in a fashion similiar to Goombas.

Official Cartoon Network BioEdit

Ocho is a small but tought 8-bit spider. He's a nice guy, as long as you stay on his good side.